Company Profile

Company Profile

Realty Executives was founded in 1965 by visionary Dale Rector as a company to attract the area's most successful, congenial and competent sales people who had a proven record of honesty, ability and integrity. The company was designed to establish a real estate sales environment for experienced professionals only. In return for that high level of expertise and a percentage share of expenses, these real estate professionals would earn 100% of their commissions. The focus was on the individual, and Realty Executives became one of the first and only companies that represented the individuals even in its name.

Based on his exposure to working within the traditional structure of real estate companies, Rector felt the industry was overdue for a major upheaval. Once top-producing agents had developed their own clientele, they would leave the traditional real estate office to f ree themselves from the standard 50-50 agent/broker commission split and set up their own, taking the business with them. Creating the plan for what was to become Realty Executives in 1965, Rector designed a concept around several key elements.

Rector's concept while revolutionary for the time, slowly gained momentum in the Arizona maket. Today the company has more than 1,400 "Executives" statewide and enjoys a reputation for integrity and honesty. Despite the ups and downs of the volatile Arizona real estate market, Realty Executives has maintained its number one position since the early 1970s by taking a concept to fruition and focusing on the individuals.


Realty Executives shall continue to excel in market leadership by solidifying the team through amplifying successful communication processes; recruiting, retaining and educating the finest real estate team; integrating leading edge technology into all company functions; promoting freedom, independence and profitability for all; encouraging and supporting personal and professional development with balance, and making the community a better place to live.


The company provides real estate services throughout the state of Arizona. Specialties include luxury homes(those $500,00 and over), as well as the Phoenix downtown historic district, and one of the few experts in the state in church properties. The company also has specialized internal teams to help customize services for the Hispanic market.